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About me

Hi, I'm Mario Tejada, Mexican roleplayer who appeared on the scene at the beginning of 2021 in the middle of the world pandemic.I am an enthusiast of solo roleplaying, translation and layout of indie roleplaying games. I sometimes write RPGs and adventures.I translated and published into Spanish the following RPGs: Cairn by Yochai Gal; Fallen by Perplexing Ruins, Honey Heist by Grant Howitt, Fireligths by FariRPG, Skyrealms by The Lost Bay and Beetle Knight: Quickstart by Jim Hall from Brooklet Games.I translated some SRDs (Primal Quest, Liminal Horror, Mark of the Odd, Charge, etc.) and various game aids (The Book of Hanz: The Guide to Playing Fate).I wrote with Irvin Morales from Role Per Second the official adventure of the Primal Quest core rules in Spanish called "El valle del quinto sol" published by Colmena de Papel in 2022.

My latest translation

Beetle Knight: Quickstart

Text and original idea by Jim Hall.In Beetle Knight, you play as arthropods designated by the Iridescent Order as protectors of the realm of Litterfall. You are thus duty-bound to travel the world, helping those in need. Unexplained phenomena and deep history permeate the world of Beetle Knight. Arthropod characters with diverse cultures based on every bug imaginable populate the cracks and hollows of Litterfall.Litterfall is a patchwork of territories. Every centimeter of the everchanging land is spoken for and each has several ancestral
claimants. As a member of the Iridescent Order of Knights you are driven by honor to investigate the mysteries of the realm.

  • Beetle Knight uses a unique resolution system known as "Contents".

  • Knights use Emblems, magical tokens, to cast powerful spells.

  • It has an amazing setting.

  • Amazing art by my friend Perplexing Ruins.

Beetle Knight cover


Digitally published games

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